Daily Market Review. 21.03.2024 NZD/CAD

21.03.2024 12:00
داخل روز

In today's financial spotlight, we delve into the fascinating dynamics of the NZDCAD pair. This currency duo recently witnessed a shift, losing its forward momentum and thus delaying the eagerly anticipated bullish attack. This shift has led to the formation of corrective bearish waves, keenly eyeing the additional support level, which, as illustrated on the chart, firmly stands above zero point eight one six five.

Investizo, your go-to forex broker, emphasizes the critical importance of securing new positive closings above this current support. Achieving this milestone is essential for gathering the extra positive momentum needed for the pair to embark on its journey towards significant positive stations, aiming with determination towards the next targets of zero point eight two four five and zero point eight three zero zero.

As we navigate today's trading landscape, the expected range lies between zero point eight one eight five and zero point eight two four five, marking a day of potential and promise. With the trend forecast decidedly bullish, investors and traders are poised for a session filled with intrigue, all thanks to the insights and opportunities provided by Investizo.