Promotion for partners

«I'm A Broker»

Investizo launches an unprecedented promotion for partners who attract clients to the Forex market. The company provides an opportunity for partners to feel like brokers and earn 100% from trades of attracted clients.

The essence of the proposal is very simple:

Partnership program


Become a partner of Investizo company, register in «I'm A Broker» promotion and get 100% commission from deals of attracted clients during first 2 months of registration in Investizo affiliate program.

Send your broker on vacation, take part in a unique promotion «I'm a Broker».

Investizo affiliate program is:

The best affiliate compensation on the market (from 70% of company profits)
Flexible, multi-level IB program
Sponsoring advertising campaigns
Personal account manager
Detailed report on trading activity of referrals
Flexible loyalty program
Unlimited level of affiliate commission
Free marketing materials
Sponsoring events
Daily accrual and payment of commissions
High conversion rate
24/7 technical support
Become a partner

Promotion for partners

«I'm A Broker»

Promotional Terms

  • 1.

    Only new partners of the company who were not previously registered in the Investizo affiliate program can participate in the promotion.
  • 2.

    No «auto-referrals» are allowed to participate in the action.
  • 3.

    To participate in the promotion you need to fulfill three simple conditions:
    • sign up for the Investizo affiliate program;
    • complete verification of the account;
    • send a request to join the promotion to [email protected] with your affiliate profile number (primary).;
  • 4.

    A partner joins the «I'm A Broker» promotion for 1 month and can prolong his participation in the promotion for another month if the amount of deposits from his referral group exceeds $1000.
  • 5.

    While participating in «I'm A Broker» promotion, the partner is deprived of multilevelness. At the end of the period of participation in the «I'm A Broker» promotion, the partner gets back the multilevel affiliate program, the affiliate commission is reduced to 70%* * 80% for the referral group trading volume over 500 lots per month or for the total amount of referral group deposits over $25,000.
  • 6.

    While participating in «I'm A Broker» promotion, partner receives 100% commission.